Details of Principals since inception of the Vidyalaya

कं्रम सं /S.No. प्राचार्य का नाम/Name of the Principalअवधि/Periodयोग्यता का माध्यम/Mode of Appt.
कब से/Fromकब तक/To
1 Sri. R. C. Sharma 12/09/198705/09/1989Direct
2 Sri. R.N. Choudhary 12/09/198918/02/1990Direct
3 Smt. S. Jayaswal 18/02/199009/06/1990Direct
4 Dr. B. Kumar 10/06/199030/04/1998Direct
5 Smt. K. S. Gupta 01/05/199813/08/1998Direct
6 Sri. A. P. Varma 14/08/199825/07/2002Direct
7 Sri. N. K. Ambust 26/07/200225/12/2003Direct
8 Smt. P. S. Bara 02/01/200420/06/2016Promotion
9 Dr. D. K. Modi 21/06/2016Till DatePromotion

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