The school has a Smart Class Room. Besides this, ICT is regularly is being used by the teachers to impart their subject concepts. There are total 53 nos. of computer systems in the Vidyalaya where the students gain a hands on experience of learning through computers. A well stocked library caters to the scholastic needs of the students.


The Vidyalaya is one of the few Vidyalayas of the Patna region which has a 400 Mtr. track. The other playfields are two basketball courts, a badminton court, two volleyball grounds, two kho-kho grounds, two kabaddi grounds, a gymnasium, long and high jump pits. Archery is the latest craze among the students.

(a)Accommodation Status : 
(i)Location where functioning (Permanent Site or Temporary Site).-
(ii)Whether functioning in permanent site but in temporary building (Yes/No).-
(iii)Whether functioning at permanent in permanent building (Yes/No).-
(iv)Date on which shifted to permanent site.-
(v)Whether land has been allotted to the Vidyalaya (Yes/No).-
(vi)Total area on land in acres allotted to the Vidyalaya.-
(vii)Whether position of the land has taken or not. If not reason for delay.-
(viii)Details of permanent construction work.-
 Work completed.
- Phase Completed
- Phase under Constructed.
- Phase yet to be started.
Phase I, II, III Completed
 Water supply work completed (Yes/No)YES
 Whether sufficient water is available in the campus (Yes/No)YES(One deep boring needs, where PHED water supply failed for two or three days.)
 Whether water is potable and necessary certificate has been obtained from the concerned Deptt. (Yes/No)YES
 100/200 KVA Transformer installed (Yes/No) 100 KVA
 Whether regular/continuous Electricity supply is available in the Campus (Yes/No)18 hrs. to 19 hrs.
 Approach Road Constructed (Yes/No)YES
 Boundary Wall Constructed (Yes/No)YES
 Internal Road have been Constructed (Yes/No)YES
 Whether toilet/Bathrooms are sufficient (Yes/No)YES
 Whether all the Toilets/Bathrooms are functional (Yes/No)YES

Brief about the current problem, if any faced by the Vidyalaya on account of shortage of accommodation.
1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________

Whether Generator Set provided by Samiti (Yes/No). If Yes, please indicate the no of genset with details thereof with details of its model & capacity. Condition of Generator Set. Yes Working 25 KVA
Whether Generator Set has been donated by the parent or any agency, it so details thereof with model no, capacity and year of donation.Donated by the Parent 5 KVA (1995)

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